Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Just a pre-Triduum message

The truth is that today we Christians (or those of us who call ourselves Christians) present in our reactions a strong contrast to the attitude of [St. Joseph]. It would seem that nowadays not many are grievously concerned by Jesus' absence from their lives. There are Christians for whom the presence of Christ or his absence from their souls means practically nothing.

. . .

It happens because we are not in love; we are not exactly enamoured of him. For when we lose someone for whom we have great affection and whom we truly love, the sorrow resulting from the loss is almost unbearable. But see how we men can lightly switch from having him to not having him, from losing him to returning to find him, with such cold indifference that there is no appreciable change in our outlook, in our mood, or in our frame of mind. It is as if nothing has happened.

Joseph of Nazareth, Federico Suarez, p. 140

Hop to it, gentlemen. There's still time.

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