Saturday, March 31, 2007


I'll never understand the desire of the city council to regulate things like this to death. I'm not sure that it really matters if we let the pedicab drivers use electric assist moters, and I'm not sure why we need to take the time to debate it.

I guess it at least keeps them out of trouble.

Check out this ironclad economic argument:

Michael Woloz, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade, said the number of pedicabs on the street was already unsustainable.

“Just because the industry has been allowed to grow unregulated for several years doesn’t mean the city should accept the current number of pedicabs that has only reached that level because of a lack of regulation,” Mr. Woloz said. “The city needs to come in and regulate this industry, and that includes a strict cap.”

Well if it's unsustainable, then it won't be sustained, so the city won't need to regulate. However, if it's sustainable, then why should the city impose a strict cap? Come now, you can't have it both ways sir.

Clear thinking, people, clear thinking.

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