Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do we really know that much about the past?

Apparently a study found that the extinction of the dinos wasn't really correlated with the rise of mammals, as they made their move about 10 million years after the die off, if I'm reading this correctly. Just a reminder, I suppose, that we know less about the universe than we normally suppose that we do.

This also raises the question in my mind of the historicity of scripture. Do we really know what we say we know? Can there be knowledge about things that happened so long ago? I tend to think that we can't have scientific knowledge, because we can't experiment, but we can, knowing what we do about human nature, carefully examine the surviving documents and organizations and draw decent conclusions about what happened in times long ago. This also applies to history more broadly, I would think. It's not "scientific", in the sense of being a natural science, but it can be a serious and thoughtful process that yields good results.

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