Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A plea from Columbia Catholics for Life

A good cause being advertised. I have donated some cash to it.

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to let you all know that a small group of Barnard alumnae (and
I think a couple of Columbia alumni) is in the process of creating a
prolife group for graduates of Barnard and Columbia. Suselina Acosta, the
Fr. Jaceks and I were contacted a couple of months ago by a 1962 Barnard
graduate, Carol Murtin Lavis, who runs an organization that reaches out to
single pregnant women. She and another 1974 Barnard alum, Amy Daiuta
DeRosa, who had responded to an article published in the Barnard Magazine
about how all Barnard students were "enlighted" enough to support legal
abortion (an article whose author ignored the responses of some prolife
students she had contacted), have become the chief organizers of this
prolife alumni group. As a recent alumna, I'm working as a sort of liaison
between graduates and undergrads. We're hoping that as an organized
group, we can garner support, both financial and moral, from prolife
alumni for undergraduate prolife groups.

Currently, Columbia Catholics for Life, Columbia Catholic Undergraduates,
the Columbia College Conservative Club, and perhaps the College
Republicans are working together to bring Serrin Foster, the president of
Feminists for Life, to campus on February 15 to present a lecture titled
"The Feminist Case Against Abortion". Below I've attached the ad that we
intend to put in the Spectator and the Barnard Bulletin. On the day of
the lecture we need to present a $3000 honorarium to Ms. Foster, about
half of which we currently have. I realize that many of you have just
begun working or are in grad school and are unable to make any donations.
So for those of you who can't, please just spread the word about this
group, and about our upcoming event (details are on the attached ad), to
any other interested prolife alums. For those of you who wish to make a
donation, please make checks out to Columbia Catholic Ministry and send
them to the following address:

Ask me for details if you're interested.

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