Thursday, December 28, 2006

My first midterm

No, not the first midterm I've taken, but the first I'm to give, for my CCD class. I'm afraid to ask them anything that requires them to know much, but I'm also afraid that if I don't push them they'll never learn. Somehow the whole exercise seems quite wrongheaded, in that most of this stuff is probably going to be learned by osmosis more than by any other process (yes the head is a water-permeable membrane). But I guess if they keep telling me that the First Commandment is free speech, that's not too good of a sign and gives me something to work with in class.

I just hope no one cries.

Here's a few samples if anyone feels compelled to give feedback. . .

8) In your own words, define conscience

9) How often can we examine our consciences?
a) Always
b) Daily
c) Weekly
d) Monthly

25) What part of the Eucharistic Prayer is the consecration?

26) The first two readings at mass come from the Gospels - T / F

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