Sunday, December 17, 2006

Is it work?

So today I've been working on getting my Christmas lights display up and running. This presents an interesting moral quandary, if not one of great size, given that one shouldn't work on the Lord's day.

Arguments of it being good:

1. My mom asked me to do it. I seem to recall I'm supposed to obey my parents, to a point.
2. It's for God, sort of.
3. Ever since I started teaching CCD, it's hard to get a sense that Sunday isn't a workday.
4. I'm not sure that testing a million Christmas lights in a tester is really considered work in most parts of the world.

The flip side:
1. My back hurts.
2. It took about four hours of good spiritual reading time.
3. I had to take off my tie to do it or risk strangulation.

The Magisterium may never rule on this question, so I shall be left to ponder.

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