Monday, November 27, 2006

Lions eating Christians, round 1

The lovely University of Edinburgh student union has banned a group opposed to homosexual activity on campus. In response:

Leading Anglican Bishops were joined by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth in warning university student unions that banning Christian groups from campuses was illegal, in a letter published Wednesday in The Times.

Kudos to the Church of(in) England on this one. Nothing I like more than pissing off students from Edinburgh in the name of Christian unity :-).

Still, the thought that this could happen is rather disturbing. I wouldn't even care if the groups got funding from the University or not, but the idea that certain groups of students shoulnd't be allowed to meet and discuss . . . I donno about that one. Sounds like bad news to me in a public university. I mean, even in a Catholic university, I would expect that anyone would be able to meet, even with restrictions on various anti-Catholic activities.

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