Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shea on String Theory

Problem: the Universe is so fantastically fine-tuned and such an obvious work of odds-defying art that common sense kicks in for the non-dogmatic and they naturally infer the existence of God.

Solution: Invent the multi-verse!: An infinite number of universes of which ours happens to be the lucky one that works. Prop up with String Theory. Hope people buy it. Pretend this is not faith-based science.

I went to Columbia, as some of you know, home to Brian Greene, the world's sexiest proponent of string theory. Some of the other professors in the department were fond of pointing out that, since he admitted his theories were essentially unverifiable, and unfalsafiable, he wasn't really doing science, just a strange sort of philosophy or metaphysics.

My take? SOOOOO true!

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