Friday, October 13, 2006


Vatican, Oct. 13 ( - Islamic computer hackers tried to disrupt the Vatican web site earlier this week, but failed, according to a report in the ANSA news service.

In an online forum for militant Muslims, a group announced plans for an assault on the Vatican computer network, which was said to be a form of retribution for Pope Benedict's criticism of Islam in his Regensburg speech. Police later confirmed that there had been a concerted effort by hackers to penetrate the Vatican site, but computer-security experts were able to detect and repel the attack.

Come on guys, what is this? The third grade? I hadn't realized there were so many Muslim script kiddies running about causing chaos.

On a more serious note, I've received a lot of suggestions as of late that I should somehow offer my skills to the Church as a programmer. I'm not quite sure what they have to program, but I'd suspect in terms of fulfilling careers it's probably somewhat better than what I'm doing now. Unfortunately, if they're looking for people, they're not advertising it on Monster, so I'm out of luck. If anyone has suggestions, please offer.

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