Saturday, October 28, 2006

Because Silence and Solitude Ain't What I Got

The above link is to the official site of the Carthusian Order. I've been reading their statutes and thinking with perhaps some envy about what life must be like for those in this contemplative order. It's not that I'm considering the vocation. Anyone who knows the way I live life would laugh out loud at the notion that I could spend all my hours in quiet work and silent prayer. But I think that it is precisely because my life has been so chaotic and busy that I've been envying the peaceful existence of the Carthusians. I think it is a sign that I need to take a retreat. My spiritual advisor/confessor suggested that I spend half an hour every day in contemplative prayer. I admit I've struggled to find that half an hour. If I don't get up early and do it first thing, I never find the time. Unfortunately with my long hours and late nights, I often have trouble getting up early. But then I look at the schedule of the Carthusians and other religious orders and realize I get plenty of sleep. So I have no excuse except for my own lack in will. Maybe I should do less blogging and more meditating...

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