Thursday, August 17, 2006

It makes me think of Mark Shea, a little.

While he found an interesting sentence, I have the joy of coming across two new words in a positive context.

"Brains" Behind Ugandan AIDS Success Condemns Toronto AIDS Conference “Abstinophobia" and “Matriphobia”

And the good pastor notes:

But, says Sempa, “all hell broke loose” in 1994 when the news got out that a program based on sexual self-control, one rejecting the condom-plus-promiscuity approach of the international organizations, had succeeded so dramatically.

AIDS groups began their own counter campaigns. The country is flooding with condoms and pornography and since 1994, the HIV/AIDS rate has begun to climb incrementally. In some areas HIV/AIDS is up to 6.7 per cent.

Let's examine the thought process here. There's a country without a significant percentage of the population infected with AIDS. The solution to this is to send lots of condoms. But what's the problem? I don't get it.

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