Saturday, August 19, 2006


MONTREAL, August 18, 2006 ( - On August 17th 2006, Madam Justice Nicole BĂ©nard of the Quebec Superior Court ordered the Government of Quebec to pay over $13,000,000 to Quebec women who had to pay extra fees for abortions at private centres since May 2, 1999. The Court granted a class action lawsuit by the pro-abortion activist association known as the Association for Access to Abortion.

The province already paid for all abortion procedures in hospitals and even for the abortion procedure offered by abortionists in private practice, however it did not pay the extra fee charged by private abortion mills which usually amounted to $300. Private abortion businesses such as the Morgentaler clinic claimed the fee was due to their superior services.

So the government providing you something free of charge on demand isn't free access to abortion? That seems like saying that the government has an obligation to pay for the housing of everyone even if they freely choose not to live in government shelters (something I'm told that having an SSN gives you the right to do). While I'm sure that would seem lovely to my bottom line, it'd probably be a disaster. Now apply the same logic here.

Doesn't look so good.

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