Monday, August 21, 2006

Dangers of the Internet: Communities of Sin

Experts described the pedophiles’ online worldview as reflective of “neutralization,” a psychological rationalization used by groups that deviate from societal norms.

In essence, the groups deem potentially injurious acts and beliefs harmless. That is accomplished in part by denying that a victim is injured, condemning critics and appealing to higher loyalties — in this case, an ostensible struggle for the sexual freedom of children.

Pedophiles see themselves as part of a social movement to gain acceptance of their attractions. The effort has a number of tenets: that pedophiles are beneficial to minors, that children are psychologically capable of consenting and that therapists manipulate the young into believing they are harmed by such encounters.

It's a very scary world today for children. I was shocked by the sexual humor and awareness of my fourth grade CCD students. I sometimes overheard them swapping stories of lewd and suggestive jokes found online. They have a vocabulary that I didn't acquire until middle school. It's enough to make me seriously consider having a household without TV and internet if I have children. At least I would put serious limits and restrictions on these activities.

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