Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well that's not being very honest

The Lebanese government agreed to enforce UN Resolution 1559 which calls on it to disarm all militias on its territory, namely Hezbollah. If the Lebanese Government had performed this obligation, there would be no war, and there would be no Lebanese civilian casualties.

Instead the Lebanese government allowed Hezbollah to build its headquarters and underground bunkers in the populated neighborhoods of Beirut. It allowed Hezbollah to import 13,000 missiles to be fired into Israel's cities and towns. The 75,000-man Lebanese army has not sealed off the Syrian border and, according to reports, has allowed Syria to re-supply Hezbollah in the midst of its aggression.

As an associate put it, let's be honest here. If IDF, one of the finest fighting forces on the planet, couldn't beat Hezbollah, it's a little odd to task a brand new government with the task and then chastise them when they can't do it.

His appeal to Free France is the same:

It will be objected that Lebanon is helpless, that its democracy was destroyed and its territory conquered by the PLO, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. It will be said that the Lebanese cannot resist the superior force of Hezbollah's "state within a state." But this is an argument in bad faith. No one is helpless. When France was occupied by Germany during World War II, DeGaulle organized the "free French" into a fighting force.

If Lebanon had a vast overseas empire, it's quite possible that they would have continued fighting terrorism in their country or allied themselves with someone else. However, the author seems to forget that Lebanon can't really call on their Far Eastern and North African territories for support. Because, well, they don't exist.

I mean sure I'd love for Hezbollah to get their butts wiped off the face of the earth. But don't expect Lebanon to do it, and don't accuse them of coddling the enemy if you can't even do it yourself.

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