Friday, July 28, 2006

Religion in Computer Science

Today we look at the life of Larry Wall, creater of Perl, the world's most religious programming language.

Firstly, one of the key operators in Perl is bless(). I sure can't say the same thing for C#, (no not C-hash), since I seem to spend most of the time I'm using it cursing.

Secondly, Perl design documents are called apocalypses
. I guess you could say the same thing for God's design documents come to think of it.

Thirdly, Larry Wall, in a move that would make Archbishop Sheen proud, compared the five years of work on Pel to communism:

Everyone my age and older knows that Five-Year Plans are bad for people, unless of course you're someone like Josef Stalin, in which case they're just bad for other people. All good Americans know that good plans come in four-year increments, because they mostly involve planning to get reelected.

I probably shouldn't point this out, but we've been planning Perl 6 for five years now.

Thanks to O'Reilly for hosting this pic and Mr. Wall for making it.

And of course Larry Wall is an evangelical. I wonder if his pastor understands that he's like the coolest guy ever.

For these reasons, I find Perl to be the most religious programming language ever. Tomorrow (God willing) I will propose a candidate for the least religious programming language ever.

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