Monday, July 31, 2006

Problems in Gibson-land

LOS ANGELES — Getting drunk and mouthing off is nothing new in Hollywood, but Mel Gibson's weekend arrest has plunged him into a crisis that few could have imagined two years ago.

Back then he described himself as a filmmaker guided by the Holy Spirit on his surprise blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, saying he hoped the film had "the power to evangelize." But that image has been shattered by news of his drunken-driving arrest Friday and the anti-Semitic and sexually insulting remarks attributed to him. The Associated Press reports that an official police report substantiates claims that Gibson made the remarks and threatened a deputy.

Game over. I know not what to think of it, except that Mr. Gibson has some explaining and repentence to do. Though I do have to say I have much experience with angry drunks, usually those closest to me, physically assaulting me. So the truth is not always in the wine. But sometimes it is.

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