Sunday, July 30, 2006

Now here's an article you don't read every day

The Word of the Gospel, as Christ uttered it, as the apostles elucidated it, is woven entirely of the written Word of the Old Testament and its living commentary in Jewish tradition. To uproot them from the New Testament would make it not only incomprehensible but dumb and empty, for all its notions, images, and vocabulary, like all the realities to which this totality applies, proceeds from the Old Testament, and from the unwritten as well as the written Torah.

Hence this profound and little-noticed truth: the Old Testament has so influenced the New that every Christian, like the whole Church, can enter and progress in the mystery of Christ only through the history of Israel. It is necessary that the Jewish Passover be reproduced and transfigured to be fulfilled in the death and resurrection of Jesus; and it is necessary that Christ’s new Passover in the Eucharist become ours.

Judeo-Christianity cannot be considered a transitory phase of abolished Christianity, forever surpassed by pagano-Christianity, which would have triumphed over it. The Christian synthesis must always be renewed by renewing its contact with the primary and, in a sense, definitive expression of the Gospel, in the categories and forms of Judaism.

Wow. Those are some pretty strong words in favor of a form of Judaeo-Christianity. I mean, I tend to think Paul would argue along the same lines, based on Romans, so it shouldn't be toocontroversiall, but I'm sure this is the sort to make plenty of people upset, if they read this sort of stuff.

However, I am unable to track down this book in any form. Maybe if I knew French it would be easier, but I feel like a citation with a publisher should be enough.

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