Monday, July 24, 2006

Go Poland!

WARSAW, Poland, July 24, 2006 ( – The Polish parliament has issued a resolution against research using human embryos, in response to the European Union’s recent vote to provide funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Sejm, the lower chamber of the Polish parliament, issued the resolution, which passed with a strong majority of 341 votes in favour and only 47 against. 20 votes were withheld.

The resolution stated: “Sejm of the Republic of Poland points out that those reprehensible practices (human embryo experimentation) are inconsistent with Polish law. [The destruction] of human embryos purposefully to receive stem cells is against the Polish Constitution, Chapter II, article 38, which states ‘The Republic of Poland shall ensure the legal protection of the life of every human being.’”

In other words, go away EU. A victory for human dignity, says Squach.

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