Sunday, June 11, 2006

Trinity Sunday

Often misunderstood, probably because it's a mysteryh (the Trinity, not Sunday). I read a work of Augustine on the subject which served more to confuse me, and possibly him, as well.

I guess prayerful contemplation is the only way to "get it", but then I don't really know how to present it to those who aren't exactly into prayerful contemplation of the Gospels. I could always go with the old food line:

One example is clover leaf rolls. These rolls are formed with three balls of dough put into one hole of the muffin tin for each roll. They are easy to make. Use your favorite roll recipe (you can even buy frozen bread or roll dough), or search on the Internet for one of many examples.

Though that would probably just raise those issues of cannibalism.

I think the Eastern Church's thrice holy hymn might be relevant here, but I'm not entirely familiar. Perhaps Z(ed) could provide some insight?

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