Saturday, June 10, 2006

On the topic of Confession

We have hear an Anglican's reflections on what it means to confess one's sins. Not holding back seems to be the theme, and one that I can relate to closely. Every few months I realize that there's something I've been hiding, something that eats away at me when I'm not looking. Flushing it out into the air is the only solution. After all, everyone's gonna know soon enough once the world ends. I think.

Quote of the day, incidentally. Jeffrey says

I’ve found confessing sins to a fallible human priest to be more difficult than directly to a loving and merciful God, but it’s worth the effort-openin up to the priest, making a good confession, having the priest lay his/her hands on one’s head, and hearing the words of absolution really makes one feel forgiven.

The response, of course, from Kyle:

That’s why you go see an infallible priest. Surely there’s one within driving distance; just ask around.


Fr. Buda?

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