Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Less free speach for the Brits

In England, you can have an abortion for just about any reason. But one thing you evidently can't do is talk about what abortion is — or at least show the bloody truth through images.

A 74-year-old man named Edward Atkinson recently spent four weeks in prison for sending an executive at Norfolk's Queen Elizabeth Hospital "very upsetting" images and literature (and they were) in an effort, Atkinson said, "to educate" her about the abortion procedures done at her facility. On the same day Atkinson was sentenced, a wheelchair-bound woman was convicted for sending similar pictures to pharmacies that stock the "morning-after pill."

So if you send someone something that upsets them, you go to jail? Wow I could put a lot of people who claim to represent me in various legislative bodies in jail. Oh wait it's probably if they think it's upsetting not me. My bad.

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