Thursday, June 01, 2006

JP Holding continues his investigation of the strange world of Protestantism

According to SDC, presenting the Bible is a way appealing to the world is a sin. What's this mean? Using attractive graphics (this according to a tract of theirs that has some, um, colorful graphics in it). It is also a terrible crime to market as Bibles any Bible with commentary in it, like a Scofield, because it mixes God's Word with man's (as they say it) opinion. And a true Bible will also not have maps in it, and it is also an abomination to have someone's name (like Scofield's) on it (though "the Gospel According to Matthew" apparently isn't a problem, and they seem to not be aware that the Darby Bible is named after someone, too, and so is the Holman Bible, and Young,'s, for all get positive ratings). Copyrighting translations is a sin. It's also rather amusing that they think that such Bibles rob an omnipotent God of the ability to convict sinners.

All my bibles are nice and ugly, though I do have to admit that several have commentary by Cath-o-licks, which probably puts me on the wrong side of the Sound Doctrine Church.

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