Monday, June 19, 2006

Episcopals Elect Woman Leader

The US Episcopal Church has chosen a woman as its next leader - making it the first church anywhere in the Anglican denomination to do so.

Katharine Jefferts Schori narrowly won a vote among her fellow bishops at a governing General Convention meeting.

The choice must still be approved by delegates at the convention, where the bishops' vote is normally backed.

The choice could prove controversial - most other Anglican Churches around the world do not allow women to be bishops.

The bishops voted 95-93 to back Bishop Jefferts Schori after a number of ballots, AP news agency reported. A total of seven candidates were in the running for the post.

I would venture to ask several questions. It is not my place to put too much personal commentary- not my denomination.

But here they are:

How will this further the divide between the Episcopal Church and their affiliates?

How will this affect more conservative churches in the US?

And... How will this affect the waffling of Mr. Mike the Geek?

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