Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Someone emailed me this, though

The following column is copied in its entirety from the Opinion Page of
today's NY Post:

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DA VINCI Revelation

--- by ARNOLD AHLERT ---

"THE DA VINCI CODE presumes that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had children.
Some see it as the most blasphemous assault on Christianity ever.

"Critics have organized protests and written articles railing against it.
Yet every media outlet has publicized or promoted the movie, regardless
of Christian sensitivities.

"Properties destroyed by protesters: Zero. People killed: Zero.

"Compare that to the weeks of death the destruction after a Danish
newspaper published 12 satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad -- which
most Western media never published, ostensibly out of 'respect for
religious sensitivities.'

"Hollywood hopes THE DA VINCI CODE will be a blockbuster. For revealing
the bankruptcy of multiculturalism and the hypocrisy of the mainstream
media, it already is."

-- by Arnold Ahlert, NY Post, Tuesday 05/23/2006

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