Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Normally I wouldn't quote Bill O'Reilly

However, when he points out the odd fact that Brazil is light years ahead of us on energy, I can't resist.

Likewise, the oil and automobile companies want no part of ethanol or fuel cells because that would require an expensive restructuring and more competition would emerge. There's no way the ethanol industry could be dominated by five mega-companies. I mean corn and sugar cannot be carteled. The oil racket is simple: We control the marketplace, and you have to buy from us. With ethanol we can buy from Farmer Fred.

Despite my reputation with some as a right-wing nutcase (probably well deserved), I'm a big fan of alternative power. Solar, wind, corn, even nuclear (hey France does it which means it must be liberal-friendly).

Of course, the Professor Dan corollary to that is that we should use as much foreign oil as possible in the meanwhile. Why? Dumb thought experiment. Imagine that today we stop all domestic oil production and we use up all foreign reserves in 10 years. That means in 10 years we're the only ones with any oil, and if we don't need to use it by then, we too can achieve the prosperity and political climate of Saudi Arabia.

Hmm. Well that part still needs a little more work.

At any rate, the more corn oil we use and the less petrol, the better.

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