Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Liturgical battle heats up?

Seems like the Vatican is trying to ensure that we have good translations over here in the US, and USCCB is pushing back.

In light of serious divisions among the US bishops on questions of and the prospect of a tense debate on the proposed new texts, Cardinal Arinze's letter reminds Bishop Skylstad that Liturgiam Authenticam sets forth the authoritative principles of translation. "Both this congregation and the bishops' conferences are bound to follow its directives," the cardinal says.

While many Catholic experts have praised the new translations that will be proposed for approval at the June meeting of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the new texts have also been criticized by influential liturgists. Bishop Donald Trautman, the chairman of the USCCB liturgy committee, has voiced his own serious misgivings about the new translations, indicating his preference for the texts currently in use.

Apparently hoping to ward off the possibility of major amendments to the proposed texts, Cardinal Arinze warns Bishop Skylstad that his office is "not competent to grant the recognitio for translations that do not conform to the directives of Liturgiam Authenticam.

Not competent. I like the sound of that. Something to keep in mind whenever I play armchair bishop.

More seriously though, the texts the use in other countries are, as far as I can tell, much better and more faithful (in the translatory sense) translations, without any deleterious effects on the faithful. I'm not sure why Bishop Trautman is so concerned . . . certainly you don't want to make lots of changes in a short period of time, but I doubt most people will notice anyway :-).

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