Sunday, May 07, 2006

Close call

I plug my laptop into the Ethernet port in my dorm, and find I'm captured by a rouge DHCP server running on a router that someone plugged in backwards. Now, this happened a few weeks ago and at that time I reported it to the network people. Apparently not much happened, b/c it occurred again today. Grr. OK so I go find the default admin password on a lab computer, then come back to my room so I can render the thing unusable and get my network connection back.

Turns out that someone else got to it in the 10 minuites I was away, disabled all the services, and blocked all incoming and outgoing connections with the parental control feature. Awesome :-).

Remember, kids. Don't plug things into networks unless you actually know what's going on. If you persist in your in-plugging, don't be surprised when you break something and someone a little more tech-savvy than you decides to fix things.

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