Monday, April 17, 2006

God OR the Girl?

In my idleness, I stumbled upon this docu-relatity tv show on A&E. The show follows the lives of 4 Latins debating enrollment in seminary. It's surprisingly and refreshingly real. It explores the doubts and triumphs of these men in their faith. One, Steve, is working as a missionary in Guatemala. He speaks little Spanish. He used to be a consultant and has given up to discern his vocation. Dan is a college student who is carrying an 80 lb cross several miles to a church. He has an on-off relationship with another college student. He lives in a house with a few other Catholics. Like a frat house, with chastity as a virtue. And Joe is a man pressured by his family to becoming a priest. He's on a pilgrimage to Niagra. He carries no money, and no cell phone! They all have such true realizations about faith and God and humility and charity.

My only question is- why does it have to be God OR the girl? God doesn't mind a man in the married life. He in fact rejoices in it. In fact, there are priests who are married. My issue is that the rest of the world is so focused on sex that people see the priesthood as no sex vs sex. The thing is, sex is a thing only for marriage so it's not like something one would be missing, so to speak. Besides, marriage is no way a cake walk. There are benefits to all vocations, and their are challenges. But the imporant thing is that whatever vocation it is, that it is yours. And there is nothing more wonderful that in knowing you are where you belong.

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