Saturday, March 04, 2006

Unconsitutionalitically challenged

Apparently, as Mark Shea as noted, some people feel it's unconstitutional for a private developer to build a town and not provide any place to have abortions. This, I think, makes most towns in the US that I know of in violation of the Constitution.

Frances Kissling, of course, has her opinion:

"This is un-American," Kissling said. "I don't think in a democratic society you can have a legally organized township that will seek to have any kind of public service whatsoever and try to restrict the constitutional rights of citizens."

Right, next time I want to build a nuclear power plant in a residential neighborhood I'll remember that you think I have an unlimited commercial right and any restriction is un-American. Might actually be closer to what the Founding Fathers had in mind, but I think they also envisioned a lot more lynchings to deal with insufferable fools such as myself.

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