Wednesday, March 22, 2006

They're taking the instruction a day at a time

San Francisco, Mar. 21 ( - The controversy over Catholic agencies' involvement in same-sex adoptions has taken a new turn, with a report that the chief administrative officer of Catholic Charities in the San Francisco archdiocese is an openly homosexual man with an adopted daughter.

Writing on the Ignatius Insight internet site, Valerie Schmalz notes that Glenn Motola, the director of programs for Catholic Charities in San Francisco, is openly gay-- as are at least four members of the Catholic Charities board. Motola has been identified as a gay adoptive father in the archdiocesan newspaper, Catholic San Francisco, as well as in the gay publication, The Advocate.

Apparently this might make him somewhat reluctand to listen to Archbishop Levada's instruction that all of this stuff stop.

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