Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spam of the day

XIANZ.COM launches first phase of its social networking platform.
Currently by invitation only, already over 3000 members.

Nashville, TN March 27, 2006-- With MySpace becoming one of the most
popular sites on the Internet, it seems that the social networking
phenomenon is here to stay. However, along with it's popularity comes the
myriad of concerns about private information being posted online. It could
be a parent's worst nightmare.

Enter XIANZ.COM, a Christian based social networking site that offers the
same functionality and much more than sites like,, and . But most importantly, Xianz offers a
safe environment for teens and people of all ages to interact with others
of the same or similar interests. Among other safeguards, settings can be
specified that allow only people of the same age range to communicate.

Features include: Customized profiles with photos, video and music,
private and instant messaging, online Blogs, personal message boards,
birthday reminders & invites, shared interests, friends lists & shout
outs, groups, events and listings. A large music module will be integrated
in the next few weeks.

Currently in Beta mode, XIANZ.COM can only be accessed by invitation from
a current member.

Christian Ministry Updates
317 Main Street #205
Franklin, TN 37064

Facebook is quite good enough for me . . .

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