Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Open minds at Harvard

The posters generated heated controversy and triggered some violent reactions among abortion advocates on campus.

One person told the Harvard Crimson the image was "disgusting."

"I personally find the image disgusting and don’t want to walk past it everyday," Nichele M. McClendon said. "It doesn’t have to do with abortion as an issue or free speech; it’s about being decent and not being disgusting."

Another Oh Harvard blogger wrote, on February 16:

"I think I have a right to not see that crap on my way to breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . .Ethically charged poster like that have no place in common spaces. Quite simply, if one is pro-choice, they make you uncomfortable and annoyed . . .Some things aren’t suited to cute posters with girly fonts and doodles. Some things don’t serve a real purpose . . ."

Yeah, I'm sure cartoons of fetal development are so offensive that you'll have to put up even more flyers talking about the evils of pro-lifers, which won't make them uncomfortable or annoyed, and won't be disgusting.

I love how it doesn't have to deal with free speach because the person in question doesn't like the speach :-).

We actually had quite a few problems with our Mother Teresa posters at Columbia. Apparently a sizable portion of the campus hates her. Who knew I could get published for info like that.

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