Monday, January 16, 2006

Senate Democrats Establish Abortion Litmus Test for State Dept Refugee Job

It appears that US Senate Democrats intend to impose an abortion litmus test on a State Department job that has nothing to do with abortion. Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey came under fire by Senate Democrats who charge that she has a history of opposing abortion at the UN. Sauerbrey has been nominated by President Bush to head the $700 million State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

At Sauerbrey's confirmation hearings on Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, California Sen. Barbara Boxer chastised Sauerbrey, charging her with being pro-life. "I question the wisdom of putting someone in that position who I believe has shown zealotry on the issue of reproductive health including family planning," said Boxer.

Why don't we just pass a law so no pro-life people are allowed to hold any government jobs, that way government money doesn't pay the wages of those who believe in religion?

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