Sunday, January 29, 2006

Response to Below

Don't you know by now? Sex, gender, and sexuality are three completely different things.

Having known such interesting people as a pluralistic gendered (femme-boi, gay-man, sparkly-girl, just to name a few gender identities) individual who was biologically male but on hormones, who was polyamorous, polysexual, and whose identities varied depending on what day of the week it was, but they finally settled into a monogamous relationship with a trans-man (biologically female) individual.... Let's just say, I've seen it all. (How's that for a run-on sentence, HA!)

Ask your gender? How dare they assume you have a gender? By only asking male, female, or opting out of the question they are still presuming heteronormativity and that is OPPRESSIVE!

They shouldn't ask gender at all, but if they do, it should be a fill in the blank question. "Do you have a current fixed gender identity? If so please explain:_________"

Or maybe they should give a whole paragraph for those who scream "I dare not to fit into your boxes! I dare not to fit into your conception of male and female! I Defy Gender!"

Gender is a social construction, haven't you heard? So is sexuality. Humans are a blank slate and given the right upbringing we will soon see the true natural diversity of gender and sexuality, a veritable rainbow.

Sex, biologically speaking, is also being deconstructed. What about those of us on hormones? What about those of us who have voluntarily removed our sexual organs or breasts or added new ones? What about those of us who have chosen to completely create our own idea of biological sex and are pursuing a new sex identity beyond male and female?

Brave new world? No, no, this is the reality all around us. Soon in sex ed in public school they'll be teaching kids to explore not only their sexuality but their gender and sex identities. In addition to free condoms they'll be handing out free hormones and plastic body part ad-ons.

It's not that far off in the future people.

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