Sunday, January 29, 2006

A meditation on the Divine Name

When you experience G-d as Y HVH, but in a healthy way, then you will be selfless, humble, modest, generous, tolerant, forgiving, peaceful, tranquil, calm, easygoing, accepting etc.. You naturally let go and let G-d because you know that you don't exist independent of G-d and that all is in His hands. However, if you experience G-d as Y HVH, but in an unhealthy extreme way, then you will become self-effacing, self-doubting, meek, impersonal, lethargic, dependent, undisciplined, irresponsible, fatalistic, passive, unreliable, lackadaisical, etc. You feel like nothing because you believe that there is nothing but G-d. Subsumed in His overwhelming presence and totally obliterated by His light, you would never experience the joy of being in love. To be in love there has got be a "you" and there has got to be a "me" in order for us to experience the miraculous joy of we. Love cannot be manifest unless the oneness includes a significant other.

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