Sunday, January 22, 2006

I caught a mistake in the New York Times!

(Unfortunately it's probably not a rare accomplishment.)

In today's front page article of the New York Times, "College Aid Plan Widens US Role in High Schools" (an interesting article by the way), the following was said:

Pell Grants have been based on financial need, but eligibility for the new grants is more complicated, with requirements changing twice as students advance through college. The requirement that students maintain a B average, for instance, will force the department to decide how to handle applicants attending institutions like Hampshire College and Sarah Lawrence College, which do not give letter or numeric grades. With little time before crucial decisions must be made, some educators said they were expecting considerable confusion.

The statement regarding Sarah Lawrence is erroneous, because the college does in fact give letter grades. Sarah Lawrence does not place an emphasis on grades and gives students written evaluations in place of a traditional report card. However letter grades are given and a student may at any time go to the registrar's office to receive a printout of their grades.

I wrote a letter to the Times requesting a correction, let's see if it happens.

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