Friday, December 30, 2005

Religion and Politics in Kiev

Opening shot? Or move to reconcile?

Vatican, Dec. 29 ( - The Vatican has acknowledged the controversial move by Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, who in August transferred his see from Lviv to the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev, despite angry opposition from the Russian Orthodox Church.

A terse public statement released on December 29 by the Vatican Information Service announced that Cardinal Husar had named Bishop Ihor Vozniak as the new Archbishop of Lviv. The Vatican announcement identified Cardinal Husar by his new title as "Archbishop Major of Kiev-Halyc."

As the head of a self-governing Eastern Catholic Church, Cardinal Husar named the new Archbishop of Lviv himself, after consulting the Ukrainian Catholic synod. The Vatican announcement noted that the Pope had been "informed" of the decision, according to canonical protocol.

Maybe both!

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