Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The only problem is, this isn't a parody b/c it already happened

The Onion is actually behind reality here. That's pretty sad.

"Medicine has changed a great deal over the last 2,400 years, and 'purity' and 'holiness' are strong words that may no longer be viable given current cost outlays," PhysCare-Plus vice-president of operations Dr. Kyle Loveland said. "And, as far as the use of the word 'art' goes, perhaps in ancient Greece physicians could consider themselves artists, but today's medical industry is a multibillion-dollar business." PhysCare-Plus officials have proposed changing "purity and holiness" to "acumen and savvy," and to change the term "art" to "career."

Of course, we all know that THO pretty much went down back in the day b/c of it's strong opposition to abortion. The sad part is, I'm pretty sure the person who wrote it doesn't even know that.

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