Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't trust the Yahoo

The reader had a number of other examples he could point to. "Go to the Yahoo! Finance opening page and note the 'Market Summary' block on the left," he wrote. "Look at the link for NYSE Volume. This is the daily volume for the NY Stock Exchange and has a typical value of 1-3 billion shares. Yahoo displays this value correctly here. But now click on the link to go to the detail page. Note here that the index value and the chart volume are NOT displayed correctly, they are now showing a range of 1-3 million shares. Do the same for the link to the S&P 500 INDEX. The 3-month chart shows a range of 10-30 million shares, which is obviously not the case."

Obviously, Yahoo is suffering from a bug or two here, and you'd think they could fix things in a jiffy once someone complained. But the reader has been persistently asking Yahoo to do something about it for well over a year, and has been met with total indifference. "When I first e-mailed Yahoo about this they tried to blame their data provider, Commodity Systems, Inc., for the problem. I contacted CSI and explained the situation, and they explained to me that they only provide a raw data stream and that it is the user's responsibility to properly scale the data. In short, they said it was Yahoo's problem. I relayed this information to Yahoo and they said they would pass the information on to engineering. This correspondence took place in October 2004, and to this date they still haven't fixed the problem."

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