Friday, December 23, 2005

CJ finds the stuff

This is an issue we've been trying to work on at Columbia, with little progress, though I do love the fact that one of our grad students has a one year old.

Dawn Eden sent me a link to a post from a frustrated mother currently going to graduate school.

Dear Pro-Lifers who Hate Babies,
Your position does not make sense. If women do not have abortions they will have....BABIES!!!! Yes, BABIES! I am aware that babies make loud noises and sometimes even distracting smells. But, alas, they are the product of NOT HAVING ABORTIONS. Let me outline a few things that you might have to change now that you have begun to understand that spreading the anti-abortion message means that there will be more babies around:
1) You can no longer condemn parents of crying babies, either by making *tsking* sounds, shaking your heads, or muttering under your breath.
2) If you happen to be a conservative theology professor, you can no longer forbid the presence of an infant in your office hours. Guess what? Your student didn't have an abortion. Now she has a baby whose daycare is over before your office hours. Throw a blanket on the floor and shut up about it!
3) Catholic universities (such as the one I attend) cannot forbid babies from entering buildings because they are crying. Babies cry. It's cold out. Babies need to be warm. Deal with with.
Thank you for attention,

Ironically in a latter post she visits Planned Parenthood clinic to have a breast lump checked to find out that they also don't allow infants to accompany them. She considered this odd, but I consider it consistent - they don't want women with actual babies walking around their clinics. Now as for a Catholic university with policies such as these they should be changed. I am also against cry rooms in Church. Sure crying babies are distracting, but they can also be distracting in a good way. Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." In a pro-life society we should make every accommodations where possible to make it easier for parents and not be annoyed by the signs of life. Parents of course also have a responsibility to try to calm their children and others have the responsibility of not treating parents with little children as second class citizens to be disdained. Especially during the Christmas season when we welcome the Christ child, we shouldn't at the same time be banishing crying babies to the outer darkness or cry rooms.

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