Friday, December 02, 2005

Chaos in Hawaii

Curtesy of MS

Another Vignette From the America's Abortion-Tortured Conscience and Mind

Read the following and see if you can discern any coherent thinking in this insane story:

The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that unborn children are not "human beings," and therefore women cannot be prosecuted for causing the death of babies by harmful behavior during their pregancies.

The unanimous decision overturns the manslaughter conviction of 32-year-old Tayshea Aiwohi, who was found guilty in connection with the death of her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth.

"I'm extremely happy and grateful," said Aiwohi. "I believe [the case] changed me into a better person and I just hope to share that with others."

"My son can finally lay to rest," her husband, Kimo Aiwohi, told reporters. "And I'm very happy for my wife."

The highest court in Hawaii decrees, apparently, that unborn children are kangaroos or goldfish. Judicial fiat indeed! Meanwhile, the mom who murdered her... what? inner platypus and got away with it feels "changed into a better person". And Dad? His "son" (how does one have a "son" who is not human) can finally "lay to rest".

A sentimental denounement to a heart-warming holiday tale.

I'll retire to Bedlam.

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