Friday, November 04, 2005

A Public Service Announcement

Hey guys,

I'm forwarding you some stuff as a reminder to please vote November 8
birthday!) for Tony Castro for DA. Crime is a real issue in Westchester
County and having a person of integrity and experience in the DA office

Remember Nov 8 - my birthday and election day!

David and Blair also please vote for Caitlin Goldschmidt for Pelham Town
Clerk (on the Pelham Action Party Line) for town clerk. I know her
personally and she is an honorable person. Town clerk position is
important because they oversee local elections and take minutes of the
town meetings. If elected she promises to further open up local
by posting the minutes on the internet and clarifying and simplifying
voting process for local elections.

These are going to be close races so every vote does count. I believe a
recent vote for DA came down to about 18 votes in Yonkers.

Thanks. Please remind your family members, friends, and relatives to
as well.

Dave maybe you could post a reminder to folks on your website too.



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