Monday, November 28, 2005

My school. always in favor of free inquiry

As Mark Shea points out:

Think of the Columbia Journalism Review as a kind of "Bias Hatchery"

Here it is arguing that "American journalists must stop acting as if there is any kind of scientific argument left to cover related to Darwinism. Thus, “fairness” does not apply, since there are no critics of Darwinian orthodoxy worthy of being treated fairly. Thus, all the critics are religious nuts and there is no need to take their claims seriously or present their arguments accurately."

And yet, here it is again, wringing its hands about Free and Open Pursuit of the Truth when a Catholic journal subverts Catholic teaching. The piece does include "outspoken conservative" Fr. Richard John Neuhaus' common sense comment that "If you’re a publication that aims to advance the mission of the Catholic Church, is it balance to publish material fifty percent in favor and fifty against? That’s not balance, it’s undermining the mission of the magazine." But notice that Fr. Tom Reese and Tom Roberts of the Reporter are not call "outspoken liberals". Nope. They're just normal. Neuhaus' quote has the look and feel of a comment that was cut-and-pasted into an article in the spot where the reporter had written in brackets "Find some quote from some supporter". The rest of the article leaves you in no doubt as to the fear and defiance you should be feeling about the pall of intellectual repression that now hangs over journalistic freedom in the Catholic world.

Some religious dogmas are open to question. Others are most emphatically not. If you have questions, the CJR will tell which believes you may correctly hold.

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