Monday, November 07, 2005

Just in case you were wondering


If you read the secular papers carefully today, you might have seen
headlines about a Vatican statement defending evolution and rejecting the
theory of intelligent design.

And if you saw those stories, you may wonder why the Vatican statement
isn't covered in today's CWN headlines.

There's an easy explanation: The Vatican made no such statement!

Last Thursday, at a conference in Rome, Cardinal Paul Poupard said that
spoke about the need for mutual respect between scientists and
theologians. CWN carried the story that day. Frankly, it wasn't very

But a few reporters decided that when he said evolutionary theory was
worth discussing, Cardinal Poupard was putting the Holy See on the record
in favor of Darwinism. And a few other enterprising reporters went a step
further, claiming that the statement was a rejection of intelligent
design-- a subject that the cardinal never even mentioned.

- Phil Lawler

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