Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bill's commentary

Or, why reading Alice and Bill was one of my favorite pastimes of days gone by.

The nation's first trial to test the constitutionality of teaching intelligent design as science ended Friday with a lawyer for the Dover school board pronouncing intelligent design "the next great paradigm shift in science." His opponent, a lawyer for the 11 parents suing the school board, was mysteriously struck dumb as he tried to deliver his counterpoint.

No, seriously, he dismissed intelligent design as dishonest, unscientific and based entirely on "a meager little analogy that collapses immediately upon inspection."

The conclusion of the six-week trial in Federal District Court on Friday made it clear that two separate but interconnected entities are actually on trial: the Dover school board and the fledgling intelligent design movement.

Jesus Christ submitted an Amicus Dei brief but could not be reached for comment. Aides claimed He was enjoying a fish dinner, after which He would take a stroll on a nearby lake and left orders not to be disturbed. One aide, who confided on terms of anonimity, said He was quite angered at being referred to as a, "meager little analogy."

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