Sunday, October 09, 2005

Theories on Sex, Women, and Babies

I'm risking being called a misogynist right now, but we'll see.

Women are increasingly seeking inappropriate IVF treatment because they do not have the time or inclination for a sex life and want to "diarise" their busy lives.

Wealthy career women in their 30s and early 40s, some of whom have given up regular sex altogether, are turning to "medicalised conception" - despite being fertile and long before they have exhausted the possibility of a natural conception.

"....I told one of my patients who is going through IVF that another IVF patient had just conceived naturally. She said: 'What? She's having sex? Bloody Luddite'

-Telegraph 25/9/05

So here's my theory-

Most women and their mother are on the pill or some form of hormonal contraception.

Recent studies have shown that this reduces sex drive.

Low sex drive means less willingness for a quickie due to "time constraints."

Pills lead to less fertility, and less willingness to be fertile. Therfore they go for the emotionally sterile form of conception- IVF. It's just a theory, and hasn't been verified with any women I know but it's a guess.

Another theory-

Does NFP lead to less disagreements about sex?

I've been reading some married Christian blogs and there's been a little posting about disagreements between couples about their sex lives. It seems like the point this guy's been making is that men and women should communicate more openly about what they want and that they should, at the same time, view their needs as a unit. So isn't that what nfp does? It makes sex about the family as a unit and open to life. It also encourages couples to discuss their fertility and work on the woman's monthly schedule. Maybe I'm missing the point to their discussions, but it seems like fruitfulness, as always, is the missing link in married life.

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