Friday, October 28, 2005

A prayer request

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, my nephew has taken a rather sudden turn for the worse. His swelling has not subsided, and with a recent bronchial infection, his breathing passages have become constricted. He was rushed to the hospital last night. In addition, he has been fighting a rather bizarre condition, whereby he has trouble absorbing proteins. I’m not sure about the details right now, but if the current procedure at the hospital doesn’t work, he’s looking at another surgery. The odds are slipping out of his favor right now, and they were at about 50-50 before that he’d make it to adulthood.

I’m asking all of you to please say a prayer that this procedure they are trying on him works. Alternately, you can pray for a miracle, many of which do happen in today’s world (beyond the White Sox winning the World Series).

For those of you who weren’t included in earlier updates, they are copied below.


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