Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Priest's Commentary on Today's Readings

I really liked what he had to say, so I'm going to paraphrase it as best as possible.

Basically, he noted how intersting it is that these readings come up every three years to be read in public, yet they are clearly directed towards the religious leaders within the chruch. Malachi speaks to the Levites of Israel and Jesus makes a harsh critique of the scholars of the time. The last three years ago when he read this, he said that it was right around the time of the scandals within the American Church. That Sunday, reading Jesus's indictment gave him a feeling of such nausea. But it reminds us all to be humble. It is interesting that Jesus says to call no one Father, but we call our priests father all the same. In France, the few that still speak to priests traditionally call their priests Monsieur So and So. The important thing about this it's all about routine. We sink into routine, and what we do looses its meaning. We get tired of taking it in a new, but we should be overjoyed with this feeling of tiredness. When he was back in one of his earlier parishes, he came in one morning and someone had put in a large sign into the sacristy. On the sign it said, "Say this mass as if it were your first mass. Say this mass as if it were your last mass. Say this mass as if it were your only mass."

Let us hope that priets throughout the world never loose that focus. Pray for him and priests everywhere.

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