Friday, September 09, 2005

Jimmy Akin on screaming

Now: Why is the bear screaming in rage (or whatever)? By bellowing, he's making a loud, startling noise that may paralyze you with fear. By showing you his teeth, he's also threatening you, which will again tend to produce a fear reaction.

So why do you scream in fear? I mean, sure, it's a reflex. But why do you do it? Well, by making a making a loud, startling noise at the bear, you may cause him to startle and freeze up. By showing him your teeth, you may intimidate him.

Your instictive scream of fear may produce in him the same reaction that his instinctive scream of rage is designed to produce in you.

In other words, screams of fear may be an instinctive reflex designed to save our lives by making a potential attacker think that we're about to attack them. They're attempts to fake out our attackers by returning their attempt to intimidate us with a mirror effort to intimidate them.

At least there's a chance, and a chance is better than just getting eaten by a bear.

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