Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why I love college

I got this gem of an email in my inbox today.
Hi guys,
Last week Ken, Dave, Dave, and I talked a bit about changing our
listings with URH to reflect our new room assignments, those won by the
"luck of the draw" last spring, in order to get the correct rolm phone
listings in the directory, get billed properly, etc. For example, I hold
the contract to one of the singles, but will be living in the double. I
I talked to URH yesterday and it sounds like we ought to use the "room
swap" procedure to fix this.
To do a room swap, two people fill out a form in the URH office in 125
Wallach. (Actually, only one must be present--the other may send an email
to So we need to 1) figure out what the current
assignments are and 2) make the necessary swaps. Right now I'm in single
203C. Where are you guys assigned?

Also, who's bringing the life-size stuffed bear?

I can already tell senior year is going to be a little nuts.

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